Conor Delaney | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Dr. Delaney works at the intersection of applied environmental science and information technology, with an emphasis on geographical information systems and Earth observation. He has worked in the areas of urban air quality, climate change in the Arctic, and water quality management of coastal waters.  A major theme of his career has been using technology in innovative ways for environmental science research. Noted projects include a former Senior Fellowship at the JRC of the European Commission that focused on improving access to marine science data for applications addressing maritime affairs, and currently serving as the principal investigator on a research project funded by the Irish EPA, which is looking at Earth Observation of lakes and transitional waters. As a software developer, he designed and developed a unique GIS decision support system for estuarine management in the UK, and a shellfish management system that was subject of a case study by the FAO as a Best Practise example of how to use software to manage aquaculture.


Currently, he is focused on the promise of Cloud computing for streamlining the process of working with big data sets, and has recently provided environmental science expertise to support the launch of Amazon's Sustainability Initiative. In addition he worked with the AWS Open Data group to help make provenance atmospheric, marine and terrestrial data, provided by NOAA, available to researchers around the world.

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