Pieter Colpaert | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Pieter is a post-doctoral researcher at IDLab – Ghent University – imec, engineering and researching Linked Open Data interfaces. Before starting his research at IDLab, Pieter was running a digital signage start-up called FlatTurtle visualizing datasets in and around office building. Back in 2012, he co-founded a not-for-profit organisation to promote Open Knowledge in Belgium. Pieter has been active mainly in the transport domain, with e.g., the iRail project. However, this also implied doing projects in the e-gov domain, smart cities, administrative simplification and concerning Open Data in general. Pieter's post-doctoral research today focuses on Public Transport data for maximum reuse. As of January 2017, he is the first “chief technology” of Smart Flanders, and he's main task is to align the open data strategies among various stakeholders in Flanders.

pietercolpaert.be smart.flanders.be openknowledge.be