David Mills | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

Dr David Mills (BSc, PhD) is a marine scientist with more than 30 years experience of research and development in coastal seas. Currently, he is Director of the Integrated Marine Data and Information System (iMarDIS) funded through the ERDF Seacams II Programme. Previously at Cefas where he became the Programme Director for Marine Observatories at Cefas. At Cefas he was responsible for providing advice on marine ecosystem health to UK government and EU. Experience includes research on marine ecosystem structure and function, development of novel in situ monitoring systems for assessments of environmental quality, application and development of simple and complex ecosystem models. More recent experience includes leading the development of national and regional marine observatories to improve understanding and create better evidence of environmental status.. He was previously the Chair of the Executive Committee of UK-IMON (Integrated Marine Observation Network), a member of the EU MODEG (Marine Observation and Data Expert Group) and has previously participated on research proposal review panels for UK (NERC) and Netherlands (NWO) research councils.