Open Sea Lab Bootcamp | EMODnet OPEN SEA LAB

After the kick-off event on the 22nd of September you can consider yourself wired for the real thing! Apply and sit tight for the bootcamp hackathon to begin.

The bootcamp hackathon means three days of stimulation for those with big ideas or those who develop and design very well! Each day from 9am til 6pm you can dive into a mind-boggling wealth of data and get started to create the next maritime application, develop new solutions, conceive new business models or use cases based on one of the chosen topics included in the Open Sea Lab data competition.

Use,  re-use and combine archived and near-real time open marine data and observations from the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) , get support from different experts including marine data specialists, developers, experts in business modelling, pitching coaching etc.. and use their expertise to build or shape up your idea. Work together with your team and spend your time wisely, because this deep brain bootcamp is not for ....You will be amazed how fast your progress will be with all the support you'll get.

To enroll for the bootcamp you can pair up with friends or colleagues who share your opinion and have skills that differ from yours.

Going solo on this one? No worries? There will be plenty of time and opportunities to partner up with someone with complementary skills but the same interest in Open Sea Lab. We will make your match!

Open Sea Lab Bootcamp Hackathon

EMODnet's 1st  Open Sea Lab Bootcamp will take place in De Serre, Antwerp.

Open Sea Lab will begin on Wednesday 15 November and run until Friday 17 November, culminating in a prize giving and evening reception. Inspirational speakers will open the event and workshops will take place throughout the three days. We expect about 22 teams of around 5 people to participate in the Open Sea Lab. Teams will be offered coaching and technical experts will be on hand to provide support throughout the three day event.

Outline Programme

15 November 09.00 - 18.00 

  • Match-make - With whom will you work? Individuals will be matched to appropriate teams
  • Ideate - What will you work on? Ideas and challenges will be presented and exchanged
  • Create - Teams will deliver a first version of their solution

16 November 09.00 - 18.00 

  • Create - Teams will deliver a second version of their solution
  • Validate - Assumptions will be validated with external users
  • Iterate - Refine and revise solutions

17 November 09.00 - 16.00 

  • Iterate - Further refine and revise solutions based on validation and coaching feedback
  • Pitch - Teams will present their solution in a short pitch presentation
  • Close - Prize-giving followed by evening reception and networking

Further details coming soon!